Janelle Monae is amazing to me and an encouragement, especially as someone who feels constantly like I have to explain myself in order to be someone and belong to the world. She doesn’t justify her complexity or her life based on what it can offer the world, and yet who she is still offers so much to the world.

"I won’t allow myself to be a slave to my own interpretation of myself nor the interpretations that people may have of me. I just live my life, and people can feel free to discuss whatever it is that they think and use whatever adjectives they feel. It’s a free country." — Janelle Monae

I don’t like the term “falling in love.” When you fall, it’s a mistake that leaves you embarrassed or hurt or both. When you fall, you eventually get back up and they call the getting up “falling out of love” So I don’t want either. I want to grow in love instead. Loving you feels nothing like falling—it feels a lot more like blooming. The reaching of a flower for the sun; the reaching of my hand for yours.

You’re not entitled to anyone’s kindness. Someone will be kind to you anyways. All is gift.